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1clickwp review

This is my 1ClickWP Review and I am Alice.

As you know, the truth is, WordPress is here to stay. It’s far too popular and way too user friendly for the marketing community as,It’s an open source. It’s free, and It’s highly flexible. But everything comes with a cost: Complexity in installation and back-up.

How long does it take you to install WP? Answers can vary from 5 minutes to 1 hour or even many weeks depending on how complex you want your site to look “just right”. Where do you store all your themes, plugins and backups? On local hard drive? It can crash any time. In the cloud? That’s better. But it still leaves the work of manually repository installation which takes time. My 1ClickWP Review will introduce the software that saves your time, money on your WP sites.

1ClickWP Review – Overview

ButtonSVendor: Giri Prakash

ButtonSName of Product: 1ClickWP

ButtonSOffice page: 1ClickWP Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Time: 07:00 EDT

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2016 – 09 – 12

ButtonSPrice of Product: $24-$27

What is 1ClickWP?

1ClickWP is a cloud-based web app, which acts as a WordPress installer, back-up and clone tool that can also store all themes and plugins for you, and deploy them in seconds, on demand. And here, my 1ClickWP Review will show you how.

1clickwp review

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1ClickWP Review – What are the great features?

An amazing WordPress installer tool

There’s no need to waste your precious time with messing inside your cPanel tool, setting up confusing database configurations, or uploading files via hectic fpt procedures. Now, WP site installation will be set up in just one single click. Just put in a couple of pieces of information and everything is uploaded for you.

Plugin and theme installation

Users never have to search their hard drive to find the right file or look for the right email with the download link for paid plugins. If you want to find any theme, any plugin you’ve ever bought, you can do on any of your sites. You can never be too careful these days, or what my 1ClickWP Review is trying to say is that, this software is both a mechanical tool and a security tool.

Instant back-up download and clone site creation at any time

Traditional way of WP installation takes a lot of time and effort but when you’re done installing it, that’s only half of the work, because you also have to perform regular backups and maintenance activities, so if there’s something wrong with your site, you can restore your content back to normal in seconds. But just imagine how easy your life would be with 1ClickWP when you can automate all of this in just 1 click.

Developer Right License

You will be able to charge one-time fee or recurring fee on your clients, who need help with WP installation, backup, cloning or migration. As WP is not easy, users are supposed to do it well, and you will be able to do it well both for your personal sites and your client’s sites. This software will turn you into an in-demand WP technician.

White Label Rights License

With this license, you can rename, rebrand and resell this web app as your own, as if you created it, and you earn 100% of the profits that you make. You can therefore help your clients become authority figures in the WP community by offering themadvanced WP management services.

1ClickWP Review – How does it work?

  • Enter information: sites name, hosting, site url, desired username and password.
  • Install plugins/themes: choose your favourite theme/plugin from your vault or choose groups of plugins/themes and install multiple with just 1 click.
  • Click Install.

1ClickWP Review – Price and how to buy it?

My 1ClickWP Review recommends you with 3 available packages that you will love and want to upgrade with no force or obligation.

  • 1ClickWP FE

–  Full functions unlocked

–  24-hour support

– 30-day refund guarantee

–  $800 bonuses

–  Only personal sites allowed

  • 1ClickWP OTO1

–  Charge $ to put 1ClickWP on clients’ sites

–  Charge a 1-time fee or a recurring fee

–  Hidden “easter egg” feature unlocked

–  $2,500 extra bonuses

–  Personal and clients’ sites allowed

  • 1ClickWP OTO2

–  Rename/rebrand/resell 1ClickWP

–  Charge any price you want

–  Keep 100% profits earned

–  Free future updates

–  Personal and clients’ sites allowed

You are advised to visit the sales page for more detailed information!

1ClickWP Review – Why should you buy it?

Versatile and reliable

There is nothing for you to download or install, as it works directly inside your web browser.

1ClickWP works on all desktop computers, laptops, and even mobile and tablet devices, everything is neat organized. This is an unique benefit that my 1ClickWP Review highly appreciates.

Time, money and effort saving

1ClickWP makes sure that you never lose any expensive theme/plugin that you paid for.

You can create thousands of WP sites, on demand, without any complicated installation steps.

Back up all your WP sites in just 1 click, and restore them in case you move to another server without having to pay for any extra service


It allows you to install WP sites on your own server without doing any messy technical configurations like files, database and access permissions and all that other stuff.

It enables you to easily and quickly migrate and clone your WP sites.


You are guaranteed with 30-day refund and reinforced by 24/7 supporting teams.

For those who upgrade the app, 1ClickWP delivers the free marketing materials as a bonus, so they can sleep tight at night knowing that they are 100% ready to start making sales without having to do copywriting and graphic design

And, When you buy through this page, you’re getting my 100% 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee

1ClickWP Review – Conclusion

If you ever build software around WP, then you definitely know how valuable this tool will be to your arsenal. After all, all it take to use 1ClickWP is, well, it’s in the name, all it takes is one click. Thank you for reading my 1ClickWP Review, purchase the app not only to save money but also to make money.

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