Affiliate Raid Review & Bonus

Affiliate Raid Review

Build Your Email Lists Fast & Easily With This 3-Step Unique Method, Where People Will Gladly Give You Their Email Address… Every time.

Affiliate Raid Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: Affiliate Raid

ButtonSCreator: Richard Fairbairn and Paul Okeeffe

ButtonSOffice Page: Affiliate Raid Review Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2018 – 07 – 23 at 11:00 EST

ButtonSBonus: Get Huge Bonus Below

ButtonSRecommend: Yes

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Affiliate Raid Review – What is it?

AFFILIATE RAID is a brand new quick-and-easy, proven system that created by Richard Fairbairn and Paul Okeeffe. It allows anyone to use the VERY same methods they have used to build profitable lists, easier than ever before (and with more engagement).

There are 1 Front End and 2 OTO

Front End – Affiliate Raid >>> See Detail <<<

OTO1 – Affiliate Raid Pro >>> See Detail <<<

OTO2 – Affiliate Master >>> See Detail <<<

Affiliate Raid Review

Grab Your Copy & Watch Affiliate Raid Demo

Affiliate Raid Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, we all know that the Money is in the List… and here is how you get that list

See, we all need to be building our lists, in order to profit online. If we aren’t getting optins into our list, we can’t grow our profits. It’s simple math.

So, we sat back recently and discussed how traditional “free” optins usually offer a PDF report or something that most people skim at best, and at worst, never open up (including your email newsletters). Sure, they were “hot” when they grabbed it, but the value dropped away and the subscriber jumped onto something new. No perceived high-value was given.

This is Human Nature that if something is not of value, it’s left behind and, yes, it’s frustrating.

But in that frustration lies the Solution.

People stay interested if there is a perceived higher value. (Value = People sticking around, and appreciating what you have to offer)

Affiliate Raid allows you give away of solution-based highly-converting high-value lite versions of software (using our Affiliate Raid Backend Cloud-Based Software) for FREE… with a stealthy-and-legal tactic to get their email address.

Most people that download software, ones looks valuable to their online business or life, install it within 1 hour of less of downloading it. This shows a perceived higher value over sometimes boring reports, pdfs and manuals.

In order to install the lite versions of the software that you gave away for Free (in an optin or Upsell offer), the user downloaded from your brand new optin, that user now needs to input their email in order to “activate” the software!

Activation of Software = Email Optin to your Profitable List of Choice.

Fake email = no activation code. Boom!

Your optins will grow so fast and your new list members will get something valuable for their business online or life. Open rates on emails, after initial activation, are higher, as you have already provided value first.

THIS is EXACTLY how you will finally win at List Building, with a simple exchange for their email… even if you haven’t succeeded yet at growing your list online yet. With Affiliate Raid you will!

This system and method will allow you to build up your list quickly – whether you already have Email Autoresponder Platform like Aweber & GetResponse, or want to use our Built-In Affiliate Raid Contacts system included in your investment.

Secondly, in your Affiliate Raid Package, you have high value software, ready to go, which can be re-branded by you very easily

so you can give away software that is perceived at a higher value, at no charge, and get glorious optins!

These are the software ready to giveaway and build your list empire!

Affiliate Raid Software

Affiliate Raid Review – Conclusion

Now Is Your Time To Finally Build Your Lists Easier Than Ever Before.

You can do this in Part-Time and scale up your list-building. Maybe you are not earning the type of commissions that can allow you to leave your Full-Time job. You need a list and this is the Fastest and quickest way to do it.

As you apply more of the Affiliate Raid System, you will grow your lists even faster, and bring up commission sales.

In a just a few short hours from now, you can be building your list, which as it grows, will result into commissions as you promote affiliate offers and finally make a living online!

Especially, There are FOUR extra software to help you generate traffic to their giveaways fast, that you will get IF you take action right away (only first 72 hours)

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Thank for reading my Affiliate Raid Review

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