Conversion Masters Review

Conversion Master Review

Welcome to my article Conversion Masters Review!

We Shopify owner folks – except from those who either have already specialized in the field of adworks or underestimate the impact of fully understanding your reports on improving the number of your sales – struggle with Google Analytics all the time.

I can tell having a consultant every time you run an advertising campaign is not sweet for the budget. It is, otherwise, not fully leveraging all the potentials and opportunities of the adworks to maximize your sales. So I was learning for some time on my own, trying to draw sense out of each and every figures and relating all of that to my goals. It was not an easy time until I got to get offer of Conversion Masters from Dimitris. After working with that guy I am just excited to share the experience via this Conversion Masters Review.

Conversion Masters  Review – Overview

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What is Conversion Masters?

So you are looking at a video course, lectured by a Greek online advertising expert – Dimitris – and it is everything you need to know about Google analytics, Facebook ads, YouTube ads as well as all you should know to transform your conversion rate into a 6-digit number. Let’s get into details in the following parts of my Conversion Masters Review.

Conversion Master Review

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Conversion Masters  Review- What are the features of Conversion Masters?

Lectures to Thoroughly Comprehend Your Google Analytics

I was sure to not be the analytic guy but even my Google-ads-experienced friend was wowed by how much he learnt from this course – like he was opened door to an ocean of knowledge which he had never knew existed. Dimitris taught us A-to-Z knowledge to entirely understand our Google Analytics and use that to influence sales. He even offered every purchaser a package of 10 ready-made ecommerce report templates so that we could install into our Google Analytics account and let that be a quicker, more enjoyable way of reading reports.

All about Online Ad Works

Google ads is the first thing to start with. Dimitris revealed all those secrets of how to make the most of YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and so on – ads on social media generally. I have earned valuable techniques to plan, create, track, and re-plan my ads to generate the most profit. It is no longer a vague idea of which ads brought which sales and thus, a so much better looking at performances of all the ad works. And from thoroughly understanding Google analytics, he shown us the smart way to goal setting and planning our advertising campaign accordingly.

Guide to Boost Your Store’s Appearance & Conversion Rate

Really – Dimitris was even acting like my store’s consultant. What he did was far beyond only ads and reports. He revealed all the tricks about how to earn creditability by the look of my store, how to raise the authority and trustworthiness, and even – how to write a highly compelling “About Us” page that has worked to increase my conversion rate.

Talking about conversion rate, he pointed out which were the major conversion killers for my case, how to avoid or improve those and boost the rate to a much crazier number.

Online Assistance & Network That Lasts

There are more than a few technical benefits to gain from Dimitris’ Conversation Masters. He did a very well-presented video course but also have a Q&A webinar where he is going to help us how to really start putting all the knowledge to action in step-by-step.

As soon as I get the course, I was also added into a private Facebook group of his “students”. So we had really enjoyable conversations sharing all the ideas, experiences, achievements with techniques learnt from Dimitris, also the issues while implementing them and what else could be done to get even crazier sales.

Conversion Masters  Review- Why should you buy it?

Absolute Tracking over Your Ads

I used to count all my decisions on Facebook report, yet it was not really reporting correctly and transparently what I wanted to see from my advertising performance. So I learnt valuable techniques and knowledge from this course to be able to tag and track my Facebook ads in order to know real numbers, see real performances, and especially, finally know which ads brought which sale, in particular.

Diversify Your Income Sources & Traffic

When you are good at Google & Facebook ads, it is time to look at generating profit from other platforms. Dimitris told me and my friend the massive, incredibly interesting, practical knowledge of how to take advantage of other traffic sources like email marketing, instagram, blogging, pinterest and so on. We have been playing and selling on more fields, making money on various kinds of channels we could find and are totally independent from any of those platforms.

Scale Your Store to the Sky & Set Your Goal Right

From understanding your Google Analytics to acting accordingly to earn crazy profit is somewhat a huge distance. That is why within this course Dimitris will also show you how to scale your store appropriately according to your Google Analytics. You will then know how to target by very specific location, country, region, city, and better your mobile/ desktop conversion rate.

Also from understanding my performance report, I got to learn how to wisely set up goals and track things, set up sales funnel with Google Analytics and optimize it when needed.

Find Holes in Your Store & Spend the Least Time on Reports

As Dimitris act as a highly keen business consultant, he helped me find all the leaks in my store that made me lose potential sales – from the store’s appearance, content, to dealing with visitors – and how to fix those to generate the highest conversion rate possible.

The last-but-not-least sugar he offered was his 10 ready-made report templates so I never have to spend hours on Google Analytics again. Among many of the above benefits mentioned in my Conversion Rates Review, this  is really the last piece that entirely complete this amazing product of him and that tiny bonus saved so much of my time every months now.

Conversion Masters  Review Conclusion

I hope this Conversion Masters Review of mine is helpful to you and hope you are earning excellently on your store. Thank you for your time.

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Conversion Masters Review

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