Convertifire Review

convertifire review

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This Convertifire Review introduces you a next-gen software that tells you why customers like or dislike your site.  Also, it offers a step-by-step walkthrough that is testified to boost the conversion despite the niche. This software is not for those who are daydreaming. This is particularly for those who are really passionate and diligent to work in online marketing.

Convertifire is a mind-blowing technology that will record all moves of the visitors on your website. And the best part is, it does its work ethically and legally. With Convertifire, you will know exactly how your customers responded to your website. Thus, you will instantly realize how to upgrade the website for more conversion, leads, and sales.

Convertifire Review – Overview


Vendor: Stefan van der Vlag

ButtonSName of Product: Convertifire

ButtonSOffice page: Convertifire Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Time: 10:00 EST

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2016-Dec-14

ButtonSPrice of Product: $199

ButtonSBonus Page:

ButtonSRefund : 30 day money-back guarantee.

What is Convertifire?

Convertifire is an avant-garde system that allows you to ethically spy on the behavior of your website visitors. It includes heatmaps, behavioral recordings, feedback polls, survey, conversion funnels, and forms analysis. These sub-apps together acts as a comprehensive feedback tool for your website’s performance. Keep reading my Convertifire Review to know how its features can help you to evaluate, monitor and develop your site operation.

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convertifire review

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What are the great features of Convertifire?

Show what your customers are clicking on

Confetti, smudge, and element modes are all included in the click maps. Convertifire utilizes with these click maps to show you what your website visitors are clicking on. It also provides you with the clicking patterns of those visitors. You will thus find out the profitable area to keep developing on and the broken parts that need fixing. In other words, you will know where to put your best call to action, buy buttons and forms.

Show what you customers are looking at

Inside Convertifire, you can find the eye-movement apps to see what your website visitors are looking at. You will also know where they are spending more time on your site. These powerful maps discover what parts need more works and what action should be taken to boost the conversion. Convertifire directs you to the right path at the very beginning. It shows you exactly how to further improve your website’s performance.

Show how your customers are scrolling on your page

This feature is activated by the scroll maps. It lets you see where your visitors are dropping off of your site. In other words, you will have a clear picture of how your content is working to obtain customer attention. If the visitors are seeing your forms and CTA, you will definitely know how to close the sales.

Record your customer behavior

By using the CCTV-ish recordings, you can ethically spy on visitors. Also, Convertifire contains ‘no deceiving’ iFrame method that the big guys are using. It helps you understand why your offerings are not working to attract the customers. The reason is, Convertifire compares the data sets and provides tracking lines, recording heatmaps, session info and a robust player.

How does it work?

Convertifire work will no manual manipulation required. You can simply install Convertifire and activate it to start spying on your customers. You can use either the click maps, eve-movement maps, scroll maps, recordings or the combination of them to achieve the amount of feedback expected.

Why should you buy it?

No more guesswork

Convertifire provides you with a rational and objective understanding of your visitor behavior on your website. It will thus free you from any guesswork you used to involve. With Convertifire, you know exactly what your customers are looking at, clicking on and scrolling to. This understanding contributes significantly on your monitoring and correcting strategies for your page.

Massively boosted website conversion

Convertifire gives you the best conversion hacks. They can be immediately applied on your site. Its tips and tricks guarantee the incredible amount of conversion and the speed of the results to be witnessed. No coding skill and no waiting time are required.

Invaluable bonuses

Convertifire has some very cool free valued pack PDFs. These secrets will help you to even spike up the conversion to the next level. You can get access to this incredible conversion game plan once you grab Convertifire in your cart. With this walkthrough instruction, you are guaranteed with the impressive increase in your sales and revenue.


This next-gen feedback tool applies the most high-performance and user-friendly features. And all of its features work to give you comprehensive feedbacks for your website. It also shows you how you can put your conversions steroids. And then you can convert much more visitors into buyers. Tomorrow could be too late. Stop wandering around for any other shiny software that gets you nothing. Purchase Convertifire ASAP.

Convertifire review

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convertifire review

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convertifire review


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