Email Spike Review & Bonus & Discount

Email Spike Review

Welcome to my article review. Today, I review about product Email Spike of Mark Thompson. I hope you will happy with my article Email Spike Review and special free bonus here. Let’s Go.

Email Spike Review

Nowadays, in the technology era, marketing through traditional forms such as through press, becomes no longer effective. Instead of this, there are many marketing types through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, YouTube, Google and so on. I am a businessman. I always want my business to develop more and more so I always looking for a new type of marketing that is the most effective and convenient than ever.

One day, I found Email Spike. I remember that, at first, I don’t believe that it can do marketing effectively when watching its cover. And it is the new types of marketing: ads through email. Is it high-quality? Is it suitable for my business?  However, I still tried it and it made me really surprise and satisfied.

In this  Email Spike Review, I want to introduce to you Email Spike – one email marketing software with all information and honest benefit I have got from it. Hope you enjoy it.

Email Spike Review Overview

  • Creator: Matt Callen et al
  • Product’s name: Email Spike
  • Office Page: Email Spike Review Home Page
  • Launch Date: March 24th, 2016 at 11:00 AM EDT
  • Price: $47
  • Niche: Software

Email Spike Review Introduction

Email Spike contains 2 power-packed marketing apps. It will send an email to all people you need in the world. Information sent may be the news of your product, services,  brand, company or business and so on…From that, you can quickly find all of the potential customers for your product and keep in touch with them to not lose the number of customers.

Are you nervous about the speed of sending when it send many emails together? Don’t worry, with Email Spike, it is very fast. This is one of feature that I like most of this software.

Email Spike can make you raise your sales easily and quickly through email. Building a successful campaign, plan or strategy become and more effective than ever with Email Spike.

Email Spike Review

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Great features of Email Spike

  • Embed Playable Video: Directly inside your promotional email is Embed Playable Video.
  • Powerpoint Style Videos: Do you want to create Powerpoint in your email? It provides you many slides, animations, effects, etc… for you to create multiple beautiful and professional slides. Those are  animated embeddable and clickable GIF image. It looks  and acts the same as the truest power point-style VSL.
  • Create Any MP4 Video: Do you want to embed any MP4 Video into your email? It is very difficult and slow, right? However, with Email Spike, it is very easy. It allows you can build many MP4 videos to embed into the email.
  • At a Glance Dashboard: Videos sorted by your strategy or campaigns will be  easily organized just at  a glance dashboard.
  • Select Video Dimensions: You can choose or select whatever video dimensions that you need and you want to display in your email. With a variety of video’s size, you can add all of them. Interesting, right? Remember that it supports for 16:9 / HD formats.
  • Built-in GIF Image: Email Spike allows you built-in and then host Fallback GIF image creator for email customers that do not provide MP4 video embed.
  • Animated YouTube Video: Email Spike enables you to add many Animated YouTube Video into your email. Your email will become more various, attractive, informative than ever. Therefore, you can easily keep your audiences stay longer to read your email.
  • HTML5 Browser Supported: Email Spike provides to you HTML5 browser. Don’t worry if you aren’t with your computer. It can work well and perfectively in both desktop and mobile phones such as iPad, iPhone, and Android.
  • Professionally Designed: You can be provided a professional tool to design your email. There are many options and selections for you a large list of Email Spike. You can professionally design any content you want in your email.
  • Full Customization: Email Spike brings to you a variety of customization such as Fonts of Size, and Color, GIF Size, Background Color, and Day Display.
  • Fully Hosted: You don’t have to install anything else because all of your necessary tools will be included in Email spike. It is very convenient, right?
  • Translate automatically: Email Spike can translate the content of your email into more than 50 different languages. The barrier of language will be ignored. Therefore, more people can understand your email. So you will have more and more customers.

Email Spike Review Conclusion

Do you have any question or confuse about Email Spike? Give some comments below my Email Spike Review to ask us, we will answer you as quickly as impossible.

Trust me, it is all exact information and benefit that I have got from Email spike. Let’s grab it now to have an opportunity to receive a special bonus.

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Email Spike Review

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