Engage Builder Review And Bonus

Welcome you to my Engage Builder  Review!

If you want to master more deeply about this product, let read my honest review. In this Engage Builder Review, you will get much valuable information related to the Engage  Builder  such as the overview and the unique functions.


Engage Builder is built and developed by Sam Bakker. This product will be launched on March 31st, 2016. This is a stunning product for internet marketers and businessman. Engage Builder is known more and more widely, so it is getting much people attention and concern.

Here is the particular information about Engage Builder that you want to know.

ButtonSVendor:     Sam Bakker

ButtonSProduct’s name: Engage Builder

ButtonSOffice page: Engage Builder Review Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Time:   11:00 EST

ButtonSLaunch Date: March 31st, 2016

ButtonSFront-End Price: $47 – $197

ButtonSNiche: General .

Engage Builder is a video engagement tool that is designed to enhance engagement, conversions & Optins. This powerful software works well on blogs, web pages, membership sites and squeeze pages. It also offers a basic and professional plan.


  • With this software, you are able to control easily the views of your videos as well as you can engage the viewer takes their action.
  • Your views can view your videos fully and get the message. Therefore, it is really easy to interact and connect with the viewers.
  • You can also use any video on this video engagement software, so you will not need to look for any specific video on the website.
  • This software has 12 different content animations. Thus, you can choose the animations to use for your videos.
  • And more advantages you can discover when using this software.




  • Working on various types of videos

With Engage Builder software, you can catch the videos from various sources like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and even mp4 file. From that, you can easily create your videos that are better than ones on the Internet.

  • Video Over-placed

Not only having the features of common video creator software, but also Engage Builder has a special feature. That is Video Over-placed. With this software, you can insert the images, buttons, texts or optins to create your own videos that are new and unique. And you do not have to waste much time, money and effort to make an interactive and attractive video.

  • Intelligent Playback

Engage Builder can know where you stop or pause videos. Then, it will propose to play continuously the videos or not. And you can watch the video continuously without finding stop place or re-watching what you have seen.

  • On page content display

You are watching a great scene in the video clip and you don’t want to miss it, right? You can watch full video without ignoring any scene. This software lets pinning the video on the top of the screen. Therefore, you can see it anytime you want.

  • Drag and Drop Builder

The videos made by Engage Builder are on page content display. With Drag and Drop function, you are able to move the video easily. Only you need drag and drop your videos on the screen to a place that you want.

  • Pause

This “Pause” function of Engage Builder is advanced than other video creator software. That is you can pause automatically the videos whenever you open a new tab.  Hence, you will not miss any part of videos. And after return the tab, the video will be continued automatically.

  • Intro and outro videos

This function is essential for the video creator software. With this function, the Engage Builder enables you to add the intros or outros video to existing videos.

  • Content animation

Engage Builder will help you create an attractive and interactive video thanks to 12 different content animations and the beautiful interfaces.


I am sure that you are going to be interested in creating the videos if you use the Engage Player software because it includes many the striking features “never seen before”..