HQWebinar Review & Bonus

HQWebinar Review

You want to run high-converting webinars but find the process involved too complicated to handle? Then you are going to enjoy my HQwebinar Review!

HQWebinar Review – Introduction

Nowadays, running webinars has become one of the best methods to build brand awareness. Basically, the only thing you have to do is holding an online seminar for a group of people and discuss with them. Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Absolutely not! Webinars are not something newbie can handle. The process to properly set one up includes several complicated stages that might take an expert many days to complete! In short, trying to build one without any experience is nothing different from banging your head against a brick one.

But do not be upset yet! There is still one way for you to organize a high-converting webinar despite knowing next to nothing about what needs to be done. Introducing HQwebinar, the latest launch of Jai Sharma! Do you want to know how it works? Check out the rest of my HQwebinar Review now!

HQWebinar Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: HQWebinar

ButtonSCreator: Victory Akpomedaye and Jai Sharma

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ButtonSLaunch Date: 2018 – 06 – 30 at 11:00 AM EST

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What Is HQwebinar?

HQwebinar is a never-seen-before tool that allows you to organize a high-quality webinar using the incredible peer-to-peer technology (a technology that enables several computers to connect without relying on any server)! In other words, you will be able to cooperate with a group of people to hold an outstanding webinar. This is going to lift tons of burdens off your shoulders, thus giving you time to focus on more important tasks, such as the quality and credibility of the information you will be delivering at the webinar.

Aside from letting you invite several coordinators, HQwebinar will also offer you multiple keys for a high-converting webinar. For examples, with this software, you will have the chance to set up a webinar with neither glitch nor delays, which will surely skyrocket your engagement rate. Moreover, HQwebinar even lets you present all the included video in HD format, constantly remind your attendees of the webinar’s starting time through emails, record the entire webinar in HD format, and so on. In other words, no matter what you need, as long as it has something to do with webinars, this software will have it covered for you!

HQWebinar has 1 Front End and 3 OTOs

Front End – HQWebinar Personal or Commercial >>> See Detail <<<

OTO1 – HQWebinar Premium with Unlimited Option >>> See Detail <<<

OTO2 – HQWebinar Reseller >>> See Detail <<<

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HQWebinar Review

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What Is HQWebinar For?

As I have stated earlier, HQwebinar’s main purpose is to help the inexperience organize an incredible webinar with ease. Unlike most of the webinar-centered software that available on the market, it does not come with any complex set-up or the need to rely on a third-party tool. As a matter of fact, despite enabling you to run webinars like a real expert, its system is basically click-and-drag and can be mastered by anyone within minutes! Isn’t this great? From now on, turning webinars into your own playground will no longer be such a faraway dream!

HQwebinar Review – Features and Benefits

Now, let’s take a look at HQwebinar’s most outstanding features!

Invite multiple coordinators

HQwebinar will give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with up to 15 coordinators! Of course, with the peer-to-peer technology, each of them will be able to engage with the attendees using their own microphones, webcams as well as other resources.

HD format

This feature of HQwebinar allows you to share all the video content of your webinar in HD format! This includes system screen, webcams, and many other types of resources. On top of that, the software also lets you record the entire webinar in HD format! In other words, with this feature, your attendees will have the chance to enjoy the best of your webinar even when it has come to an end.

Notify your attendees

Once promoting HQwebinar, you will never have to worry about people forgetting when your webinar took place! This software comes with a special technology that will automatically send notification emails to all of your attendees. They will be receiving three reminders. The first one comes 24 hours before the starting time of the webinar; the second one is 2 hours earlier, while the last one is sent 15 minutes before show time! This way, nobody will be able to miss your webinar.

Add multimedia

HQwebinar also allows you to include resources from other websites in your webinar! Awesome, right? From now on, you will be able to keep your performance interesting, unique and fresh, which will certainly give your attendees an enjoyable time.

Waiting section

This exclusive feature of HQwebinar will take your attendees to a virtual “lounge” before the webinar begins. While waiting for you, they will be able to have a glimpse at the information you are about to give, which helps them get a better look at your event. In other words, this “room” will offer your attendees a chance to prepare for a more in-depth discussion as well as figuring out which kinds of questions they should make.

For further information, please visit HQwebinar’s JV page.

How Does HQWebinar Work?

It will only take you a few minutes to set up an incredible webinar using HQWebinar! For the step-by-step process, please check out the walkthrough below

HQwebinar Review – Conclusion

You have finally reached the bottom line of my HQwebinar review! Before truly ending it, I have some good news to inform you. In exchange for a copy of HQwebinar, you will only need to pay $27! Can you believe it? We are talking about a tool that enables you to hold such outstanding webinars that can meet the expectation of every attendance. As something that can give you all the essential keys for a successful webinar, it is supposed to be priced at least $100; yet, you can bring it home with only $27! Isn’t this amazing? Honestly, I do not think you can find any similar products that come with the same price as this!

Unfortunately, after the Front-End is over, this exclusive offer will also come to an end. So, if you wish to generate massive profit through only webinars, please go to its sales page right away!

Last but not least, thank you for sticking with my HQwebinar Review until the last moment.

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