Insta Ad Campaign Review

Insta Ad Campaign review

Welcome to my article Insta Ad Campaign Review!

Are you a website owner?

Have you properly optimized all web pages? But yet not able to identify the loophole of your website.

So many website owners, developers & designers regularly uploaded new things on the website, but they didn’t get the appropriate results from them.

Have you ever find the reason behind this:

Why did users jump from your website?

You are having appropriate traffic but still not getting the earnings?

Are you getting traffic from your targeted countries or not?

Do you able to track properly all web pages?

Have you ever seen the exact clicks on a particular landing page?


I guess you are using so many tools and investing a lot of money to resolve all the above problems but not getting the exact result. I know you have little bit complicated to manage different-different tools.

Today I’m presenting you an amazing tool which can help you in all aspects of finding the above problems of your website and resolve all your problems in just a moment.

I want  introducing here Insta Ad Campaign.!

Insta Ad Campaign Review  – Overview

ButtonSVendor: D Singh

ButtonSName of Product: Insta Ad Campaign

ButtonSOffice page: Insta Ad Campaign Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Time: 11:00 EST

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017-Jan-09

ButtonSPrice of Product: $27

ButtonSBonus Page: Huge Bonus

ButtonSRefund : yes

What is Insta Ad Campaign ?

Insta Ad campaign boosts your revenue by giving you a simple interface to add Ad banners, YouTube videos and affiliated links.      You don’t even need to upload videos or work about creating banners. Just configure it through Insta Ad campaign and embed the generated link in any position on your website. You will get pay per click benefits and you can easily track your advertisement usage through its unique address recognition algorithm.

Insta Ad campaign is the solution of all of your online marketing problems

Insta Ad Campaign review

Grab Your Copy & Watch Insta Ad Campaign in Action

Insta Ad Campaign – Benefit

  • Analytical & Graphical Dashboard

That area is extremely influence full for almost any website. In this, you will see all your traffic generating options in a single dash with different-different types. Here you are able to analyze your unique, stay, & complete visitor’s with various graphic representation. Check always their rating and place with the aid of top page matters and earn meter. Also you will see your  Alexa World  rank.

Could you like to analyze your site traffic? Prepare yourself to put in this simple to use WordPress plugin on your own panel.

  •  Real Time Tracker & GEO Location

Using this we can see real-time traffic making use of their GEO area,IP address, country, & city. Also, you are able to analyze the region of curiosity of one’s visitor’s also.

It displays visitor’s name, area, units and times.

Realtime area shows just how many consumers are on line and additionally it shows, position where a user is online.

  • Informatics Traffic Stats

Here you will see, an entire information about any viewer/visitor. See, what the Informatics Traffic Stats can provide you.

It may show you date, time, area, and device.

Analyze your suggestion traffic generating websites.

Traffic page shows, how much traffic is coming in all links.

  •  Search Filter Stats

With the aid of filtration stats setting, filtration your viewer’s, visits, and reviews. It’s having different options.

Analze your top searched pages and posts.

Estimate earning from these pages and posts.

Filter stats between two dates and find top element for your website. Like: top 20 consumers, top 10 URL, etc.

  • Boost Ad Campaign

Following examining traffic and visitor’s curiosity on your own website. Raise the presence of the very visited page by placing Insta Ad Campaign on that.

Create Ad tracking link, ex:

Track total unique visitors.

Track total clicks.

Statistics by the browser, OS, country, city.

Statistics by date (day, week, month, custom).

  • The SEO Friendly WP Plugin

Insta Ad Campaign will boost your SEO. Which will help you to improve your online existence and prominence in Google.

If you have that kind of presence, you are destined to get aggregate value for your normal results since, if you’re advertising well then your traffic, click-through rate and your transformation rate may develop up. I strongly believe that if you’re improving those ideas, your rankings may improve also.

Insta Ad Campaign Review – Why should you get it?

A few more reasons why should you get  Insta Ad Campaign

  • Earn big money, even from small audiences.
  • No API integration is required
  • You don’t have to pay, again and again,
  • Its easy to install and simple to use.
  • Pro features available & get full access
  • Guaranteed generate website revenue and increase viewers.
  • No other analytical tools and Ad sense
  • Insta Ad campaign itself is the complete solution.
  • Just pay once and get access for lifetime.
  • 100% Save, secure & Tested Plugin.
  • Simple & easy. Single Click Install on your WP Panel.
  • No Recurring Payment. Just one time pay and access life time.

And 30 days money back guarantee. That means you can try it all out without risk

So you have seen how this amazing “Insta Ad Campaign” is useful for you to earning from a website. Now, it’s time to use it.

Insta Ad Campaign Review

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Insta Ad Campaign Review


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