Instamate 2.0 Review

instamate 2.0 review

If you are struggling with Instagram marketing, you are not alone. As Instagram has been an emerging platform for marketing, it has not received as much attention as it deserved. However, this platform is powerful, and harnessing its power will result in a high conversion rate. This InstaMate 2.0 Review will now introduce an extensive suite for Instagram marketing.

As a testimonial, I think InstaMate 2.0 is different from any marketing tool that I have ever used. In fact, it has evolved far beyond just being a tool that makes your Instagram account look attractive. So now let’s find out what it is and what it can do.


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InstaMate 2.0 Review – Overview

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What is InstaMate 2.0?

InstaMate 2.0 is a comprehensive marketing suite that finds, edits, schedules, uploads, engages, and monetizes viral content on Instagram. The 2.0 version of this software comes with huge improvements as compared to the previous one. Specifically, it allows users to:

• Upload Instagram stories

• Upload videos in general

• Integrate with a huge source of emoji

• Manage Instagram account

• Find viral content from a different source

• Schedule the posting task

instamate 2.0 review

What are the great features of InstaMate 2.0?

Automate the Instagram account for good

I once found myself in a puzzle of finding viral content and post them on the Instagram. It was honestly a frustrating task, and sometimes I didn’t even know what is going viral at the moment. Curating content thus was tough at that time. I was lost, but InstaMate 2.0 found me. It has my Instagram automatically do the work. And the best part is, it can also engage with top brands and followers in autopilot.

Monetize the authority sizes with just one click

This feature is what my InstaMate 2.0 Review appreciates the most. InstaMate 2.0 will not just throw at you the content and leave you in the dark. Instead, it ensures the conversion of the content by adding call-to-action buttons, filters, watermarks, texts, and sizing. In other words, InstaMate 2.0 is a complete content optimizer.

Post and schedule the posts with great ease

With InstaMate 2.0, users can quickly post and repost the content directly from their computer. Also, it allows Instagram story uploads, which is aimed to take over Snapchat and attract massive loads of traffic. After that, InstaMate 2.0 helps users to post the content at any time they want. It works 24/7 all year round.

Include affiliate cloaker tool

With the affiliate cloaker tool, InstaMate 2.0 diversify the ways you can monetize your content. As a result, it can bring about a huge reach via affiliate links. Potential customers can reach to your products with just one click. Besides the marketing features, what is special about InstaMate 2.0 is that it also allows you to manage your account right inside its interface. Every task off deleting, adding captions, following, etc., can be done with ease.

InstaMate 2.0 Review – How does it work?

It takes you just three simple steps to work with InstaMate 2.0.

Log in – Get access to InstaMate 2.0

Automate – Let InstaMate 2.0 do all the tasks of marketing and managing

Profit – Watch InstaMate 2.0 boost the traffic, leads, sales, and engagement

InstaMate 2.0 Review- Why should you buy it?

The first and foremost, the one and only

InstaMate 2.0 is a pioneer in Instagram marketing in many ways. It is the only one tool that can add affiliate links, upload stories and videos, and manage account right on the desktop. And for this reason, I don’t think there is any app that can be as comprehensive as this one. It deserves the 10 out of 10 rating on any InstaMate 2.0 Review.

Set and forget

The working process with InstaMate 2.0 is super simple. And for a non-geek like me, this feature is a huge benefit. I just need to search for any keyword, choose the content, edit it, and schedule the posting. So if you are a non-geek like me, you will love this product. You don’t have to be a tech-lover or a marketing expert to enjoy this app. It fits all levels of users.

No need to pay for ads ever again

InstaMate 2.0 eliminates all the need for ads expenditure.  With the viral content, any user should be confident about the performance of it. InstaMate 2.0 can boost the organic reach effortlessly. The traffic record I made with InstaMate 2.0 is more than one million of reaches in just one week. So if the organic traffic is also what you want, go for InstaMate 2.0.


Now if you are still reading this InstaMate 2.0 Review, there is no point in hesitating. InstaMate 2.0 should be exactly what you ever need to boost the performance of your Instagram accounts in all aspects. And if you want to enjoy a higher value of your money, my advice is that you should be an early bird for this app.

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