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kick-ass toons review

Welcome to my Kick-Ass Toons Review!

Have you ever tried to make an animated video or film by software such as Anime Studio Pro, Scratch, or Flip Boom Doodle? To professionals, that’s not a problem. But to amateurs, who don’t know what animation or graphics is, like me, it could be a disaster.

A month ago, I participated in a contest with my team. Each of us had our skills and talents. One had an excellent presentation skill, one was equipped himself with an enormous amount of knowledge, and another was creative and always had exploded ideas in her mind. But here goes the problem, the first round of the contest was to make an animated video advertising for a motorbike brand. As you can see, none of us was capable of making such a video like that. Even when we finished writing our script, we did not know how to draw an attractive character or kinds of stuff.

Luckily, one of my friends showed up, and he saved us by introducing software that helped us get the highest mark in the first round. I am still thankful to him and the software that did a fantastic job in only three days. So I’m writing a review on it and hope that I can help people who had the same problem as me. That software is Kick – Ass Toons.

Kick-Ass Toons – Overview

ButtonSVendor: Lucas Adamski et al

ButtonSName of Product: Kick-Ass Toons

ButtonSOffice page: Kick-Ass Toons Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Time: 9:00 EDT

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2016 – 08 – 16

ButtonSPrice of Product: $17

What is Kick – Ass Toons?

Kick-Ass Toons is an incredible pack containing 150 unique, studio-quality character animations. It is a robust set of animated characters to help users design more engaging videos, and it’s perfect to boost conversions and sales.

The first time I saw the cartoon characters in Kick-Ass Toons, I was completely attracted by its cuteness, liveliness, and unique style. Moreover, the characters can also do many things.

kick-ass toons review

Grab Your Copy & Watch Kick-Ass Toons Demo

Kick-Ass Toons – Features

There are total 11 characters in Kick-Ass Toons. You can find all kinds of people working in different areas, such as “The Gardener,” “The Electrician,” “The Plumber”, or “The Builder.”

Kick-Ass Toons also encourage users to develop their creativity by providing 3 types of shot: Full Shot, Medium Shot, and Close-up. You can feel free to zoom in to describe the character’s emotions, or zoom out to depict his or her actions.

Also, Kick-Ass Toons support users 100% by giving them more than 150 unique animations and 450 footage clips. Now you can make your video so quickly and conveniently.

Kick-Ass Toons Review- Who needs to use it

Are you having troubles with creating a character? You don’t know how to make a video? Or you need an idea in advertising your product? Then, you need to purchase Kick-Ass Toons immediately if you don’t want to drown yourself in frustration.

Kick-Ass Toons Review – Prices and how to buy it

Just get on Kick-Ass Toons sales page and click Buy Now. It only takes 17 dollars. Isn’t it cheap and convenient?

If you have a visa, master card and even PayPal, you can buy this product with ease.

Kick-Ass Toons Review – Advantages

You can make a video with unique characters lively and in a couple of days, which can take even 2 or 3 weeks with other tools. It’s perfect for people who don’t have talent in graphic design, and whoever wants to make it quick and efficient.

Besides, if you are a salesperson, you can use Kick-Ass Toons to advertise your product as well. Because video performs 7 times better than text, and 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching an online video. But as people always say, business is war, so that you have to set up your competitive advantages. And Kick-Ass Toons has already covered that.

Kick-Ass Toons Review – Disadvantages

If I have to tell you one thing that I’m not entirely satisfied with Kick-Ass Toons, it is the number of character. Although inventors have provided 11 ones, I still find it not enough. Kick-Ass Toons can be a suitable choice for everyone who does not have many tasks in designing. If you work in the design industry, Kick-Ass Toons can be boring sometimes.

Kick-Ass Toons Review – Conclusion

Lastly, Kick-Ass Toons is an effective software to make animated videos. And if you want to promote or advertise your product better, or to boost your revenue, just choose Kick-Ass Toons

Kick-Ass Toons Review

Kick-Ass Toons Review


Kick -Ass Toons Review


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