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Welcome to my Levidio Storyboard Review!

You are running a business and you need to have an interesting video which can show potential customers your companies and products? Or you already had a good marketing clip for that purpose and you desired to have cooler one? What I am going to say next would be a relevant answer for those questions. Have you ever heard about Levidio Storyboard? If no, let’s move to next part of this Levidio Storyboard review to know more about this product.

Levidio Storyboard Review – Overview

ButtonSVendor: Maulana Malik et al

ButtonSName of Product: Levidio Storyboard

ButtonSOffice page:  Levidio Storyboard Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Time: 10:00 EDT

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2016-08-06

ButtonSPrice of Product: $29

A new product is based on a popular software which is powerpoint, Levidio integrates many functions into a place that users can use whenever they want. What do you think about current functions that are available in powerpoint? Almost people find that good to create a presentation but it is limited when they want to produce a video for their business. Levido Storyboard can be a good option for people who are in those situations.

What is Levidio Storyboard ?

Developed by Maulana Malik, Levidio Storyboard focuses on additional functions for users who need to have a professional clip for their business. The clip is not only good for promoting your company but also good for your reputation in the eyesight of potential customers. On this Levidio Storyboard review, I would like to let you know all of functions that the sofware brings to you, and I am pretty sure that you like it.

levidio storyboard

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Levidio storyboard’s features

  • Logo creator

For start-ups who need a new logo for their activities, they can create their own new logo easily on the board with the size they want, from small to big objects, they are all ready.

  • Mascot Creator

You can create a unique mascot for your story that you can use to help people remember longer about what you are selling. It is a important thing for your products and service.

  • Branding Kit Creator

Do you need a branding kit for your video? If the answer is yes, Levido Storyboard can give you a hand to finish it simply and quickly.

  • Explainer Video Creator

A vital part of an efficient marketing video is explainer, you can create a explainer for your clip within few minutes.

  • Banner Ad Creator

Besides those functions, one more thing I would like to let you know in this Levidio Storyboard is creating banner advertising. This is absolutely useful for almost users who need to use banner all the time.

  • Instagram Banner Ad Creator

A simple instagram banner ad will be created by yourself with this function in the software. You can use that easily after few times you learn it.

  • Mockup Creator

If you need a mockup for your video, this function can totally satify you with simple steps to create a good one for you.

  • Infographics Creator

One of the most interesting funtion that I would like to highlight in this Levidio Storyboard is inforgraphic creator. You should try it to know how amazing it is.

  • All inside your powerpoint software

For those functions that I mentioned above, those are ready in only one software and are designed to be easy-to-use.

How Does It Work?

For each function above, you just need to drag objects and drop them to the position that you need. Because the software was based on the background of powerpoint so it is absolutely easy to use if you have experiences on using this software. All of functions are put on the right side for users in order to design simply and quickly. The slide is on the left side which shows everything and keep it in a proper order for you to follow.

Your story for the clip will be designed all by mouses with full of clicks, draps and drops. From the step of choosing suitable functions to the step that you set up time for each slide, this is one more amazing that I would like to let you know in this Levidio Storyboard Review because the product is new but people don’t need to learn so many things like other software because it is based on a familar one.

Why Should You Get Levidio Storyboard?

The answer is because of amaizing funtions that the software give to customers. All-in-one, to be convenient and quick to create a fantastic video clip to promote your companies to thousand potentital customers. This is one of the smartest way to make your marketing program memorable. And the value of worth-of-mouth would be a proof for what you do well, so don’t hestitate to try it because there are many people do that.


Finally, this Levidio Storyboard Review aims to show you what you really need to have for your marketing program as well as for your business in general. Those steps can not be easier when you use Levidio, this product would be a accompany during the life of your business, from the day it is still small to the day it becomes a giant, Levidio Storyboard always besides you. Thank you for your time.

levidio storyboard review

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levidio storyboard review

levidio storyboard review

levidio storyboard review

levidio storyboard review


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