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Welcome you to my Linked Messenger Review!

Today, I am going to share you with a new product named Linked Messenger that will help you grow rich in a shorter time without investing much time, money and effort. If you want to know more details about Linked Messenger, this article will be helpful for me.

This Linked Messenger Review is going to give you the vital and essential information about Linked Messenger such as overview, main features, and advantages.

Linked Messenger Review – Overview

ButtonSVendor: Bruno

ButtonSName of Product: Linked Messenger

ButtonSOffice page: Linked Messenger Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Time: 15:00 EDT

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2016-06-08

ButtonSPrice of Product:$10


Linked Messenger Review – What is it? 

First and foremost, I would like to mention to the overview of Linked Messenger.

Linked Messenger is a new product created by a talent inventor – Bruno who designed a famous product named LinkProfit. Linked Messenger is useful software for the online marketers and businessmen, especially the newbies. This software is going to be launched on June 8th, 2016 with only $10.

Although Linked Messenger is a new concept, it is the first automated LinkedIn Messaging app with over 450 million of the users. With more than 450 million LinkedIn users, there is clearly a vast potential customer base. Factually, it is such a huge audience, however, we are not able to do this alone!

Linked Messenger is LinkedIn automation software that will fill the gap in LinkedIn’s marketing software. This software is an email marketing program that allows the users take their LinkedIn connections and the market as they want. In common, LinkedIn can only enable you to send maximum 50 messages each day. Nevertheless, with Linked Messenger, you can send the unlimited number of messengers freely. So cool!

linked messenger

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Main features of Linked Messenger software

A new concept on the JVZoo

This is the greatest features of Linked Messenger that make any marketer want to use this software. Thus, if you do not get it soon, it is very difficult for you to conduct your plan easily and effectively, and you will not able to make money fast and strongly.

Filling the gaps in the LinkedIn automation software

In the feedbacks, the users said that LinkedIn is a quite good tool and it has several useful functions that they can take advantages. However, this tool also has some limitation that they cannot work effectively with it. And when they use Linked Messenger software, everything has changed because this software fills the gaps in the LinkedIn automation software.

It already has more than 450 million LinkedIn users

This is a priority for this Linked Messenger because be because the number of LinkedIn users is quite stable, thus, this Linked Messenger can get more than this number of users.

A sophisticated system with many features

Linked Messenger software is created with many striking features. Nevertheless, this software is the complicated systems but it is only sophisticated in its structures. Therefore, the users are able to use this product easily with no trouble.

It is really user-friendly!

Advantages of Linked Messenger

+ Download your LinkedIn contacts automatically or manually

+ EMAIL IDs of your contacts NEVER LEAVE your DESKTOP!

+ Communicate easily with your first-level contacts

+ Select contacts according to name, country, position or keyword

+ See photo and LinkedIn profile of your contacts

+ Record the date of joining your network

+ Sort contacts according to any criteria

+ Use preselected tags or define your own tags

+ Send unlimited emails to your prospects

+ Update your LinkedIn contacts anytime

+ Use a sophisticated filter to build the list of recipients

+ Depends on which restriction LinkedIn will introduce in the future

+ Create folders and store communication in selected folders

+ Provide an unsubscribe option

+ Match (bind) answer emails with people as well as relevant newsletters

+ Send a test email before launching the newsletter

+ Avoid SPAM filters by sending in intervals

+ Use Gmail’s SMTP service

+ Use your own SMTP and IMAP servers to eliminate SPAM filters

+ Change email setting when sending emails or newsletters

+ Export contacts from Linked Messenger in CSV

Linked Messenger Review: Conclusion

After reading this review, how do you feel about Linked Messenger? Perhaps, you feel it is very interesting and useful and you want to buy it instantly. I think you should not ignore this useful software that can help you make much more money in the short term because you will feel regretful.

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