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PixlyPro Review

Welcome to my article PixlyPro Review!

Merely marketing is not enough. Remarketing is what can leverage the productiveness of your campaigns to the next level. Do you know how to do the remarketing properly? Find your answer in this PixlyPro Review.

As far as I experienced, PixlyPro is one of the most comprehensive tools out there for remarketing. The term seems unfamiliar to some people. Yet, remarketing is becoming more popular, forcing the marketers to follow its trend.

So if you fall behind the trend, it is unlikely that your campaign will work to give you enough traffic to turn into sales. So let’s take a closer look at what this tool can do for the sake of remarketing.

PixlyPro Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name PixlyPro

ButtonSCreator: Dan Ashendorf  – Cindy Donovan and Sam Okwuada

ButtonSOffice Page: PixlyPro Review Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2018 – 08-26 at 11:00 EST

ButtonSFront-End Price:    $27

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What is PixlyPro?

Remarketing is a smart way to connects to the visitors to your websites. It enables you to expose the targeted ads to people that have visited your website but have not made any inquiry or purchase.

And PixlyPro is an all-in-one tool for remarketing on 6 different platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Quora, and Pinterest. These 6 platforms are on top of the social media list. They are potential to provide millions of customers from every corner of the world.

PixlyPro is used to siphon traffic from affiliate links, competitor websites, or any content source you can think of. This software tool is a comprehensive solution for cost-effective remarketing strategies.

PixlyPro Review

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PixlyPro Review – About Author

PixlyPro is developed by Dan Ashendorf and his close partners – Cindy Donovan and Sam Okwuada. They are all the experts in digital marketing, especially in deploying remarketing strategies on social media channels.

With their several years of experience in digital and social media marketing, Dan and his team developed PixlyPro to offer a simple yet high-performance remarketing tool for all marketers of all levels.

author of PixlyPro

Let’s see what it can do in the following parts of this PixlyPro Review.

PixlyPro Review – What are the Features of PixlyPro?

Hijack any link online

PixlyPro can spy on any website, post, video, and product page. It does not restrict its features to any niche. So you can easily benchmark whoever you want in the industry.

Add CTA to any content

This feature is what my PixlyPro Review wants to focus on. PixlyPro makes CTA a whole new level as it provides many options for it. Whether it is a clickable image, opt-in form, or any kind of push button, PixlyPro has it available for you.

PixlyPro allows you to reconnect with your target customers and even their networks. Thus, you can tap into massive sources of high-quality traffic.

Rack in the dough with traffic

With the CTA and spy features, PixlyPro gives you the traffic you want, at a high level. You will not need to pay any extra penny for the traffic. PixlyPro makes the traffic come to you.

PixlyPro Review – How does it Work?

PixlyPro takes just 4 steps to give you unlimited traffic.


Once you get access to its platform, you can start your benchmark analytic on any website that has a lot of traffic. It can be a competitor website, a YouTube channel, a Facebook fan page, or any other kind of traffic source.


As you select a website, you can connect to its traffic sources with PixlyPro. And you will just need to do this step only once.


Now, it is time to choose your call to action and add it to your website. PixlyPro provides a wide range of buttons, opt-in forms, and clickable images.


PixlyPro will take care the rest of the traffic raking process. All competitor traffic will automatically be available for retargeting.

PixlyPro Review – Who Should Buy It?

PixlyPro is a great choice of tool for anyone looking for a simple yet effective method of taking traffic from social media. It harnesses the full power of 6 different platforms to make sure you always have the best quality of traffic that you can retarget multiple times until they turn into sales.

PixlyPro is also a useful sidekick if you are a newbie. When the skill and experience are at low levels, you will need something to guide you on the correct path. PixlyPro is such a thing.

PixlyPro Review – Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Work fast to retarget the traffic
  • Very versatile – compatible with 6 different traffic sources
  • Cost-effective
  • Make sure your investment will not ever be wasted


Lack of information of the OTOs

PixlyPro Review – Personal Experience

In my perspective, PixlyPro is an effective traffic tool for retargeting marketing. It is easy to use and also very efficient. Like a breath of fresh air, it changes the way I have been doing social media marketing.

PixlyPro is what I lay my trust to use in many of my campaigns. The combination of call-to-action features and several retargeting platforms is what I like the most about PixlyPro.

It is also a helpful tool for spying on the competitors. It shows you a detailed analytic that allows you to execute your action plan much easier. It thus deserves my highest rating from this PixlyPro Review.

Evaluation and Price

The Front-End option comes at $27 only. However, there is a recent news that the creators will soon raise the price after the launch. They seem to focus more on the early birds. So if you want to have a good price out of it, you are supposed to take action ASAP.

I myself believe $27 is a good deal. It is actually cheaper than many traffic tool on the market today. Also, with this good deal, you can enjoy many interesting features like URL shortener, pixels, CTA software, and remarketing features for 6 platforms.

PixlyPro – Options You Have

As far as I know, PixlyPro comes with 1 Front End & 3 OTO package options

FE: PixlyPro  >>> See More Details <<<

OTO1 – PixlyPro Gold  >>> See More Details <<<

More templates for CTA, tutorials, analytics, URL customization feature, team access, chrome extension, sub-accounts.

OTO2 – Pixelmodo  >>> See More Details <<<

OTO3 – Reseller package  >>> See More Details <<<

Ability to sell PixlyPro as your own product

PixlyPro Review – Conclusion

Instead of waiting for traffic, you can actively direct the traffic to your website. And PixlyPro is a useful tool if you want it to happen. PixlyPro is not only cheaper than other traffic tools out there but also more versatile when it comes to remarketing.

I should now end my PixlyPro Review here, even though I can write it for pages. I believe it is time for you to make your decision. If you want to leverage your social media marketing campaigns, PixlyPro is definitely worth your consideration.

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