Rank Hijack Review

Rank Hijack Review

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Rank Hijack Review – Overview

ButtonSVendor: Cindy Donovan et al

ButtonSName of Product: Rank Hijack

ButtonSOffice page: Rank Hijack Review Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Time: 11:00 EST

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017-Feb-20

ButtonSPrice of Product: $47 

ButtonSBonus Page: Huge Bonus

ButtonSRefund : yes

 Rank Hijack Review – What is Rank Hijack?

Rank Hijack is a web-based app that created by Cindy Donovan and her partner Matt Garrett. It is an easy to use private search engine, that discovers profit-ready keywords and then uses that knowledge to tap into THEIR traffic source – redirecting the HYPER TARGETED traffic to your own webpages instead.

Rank Hijack Review

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Rank Hijack Review – Why Should You Get Rank Hijack?

Fist of all, Rank Hijack can help you

Get your own pages to rank with no more spending months or wasting time going after keywords which are nearly impossible to rank for.

Get complete confidence you’ve got a slam dunk in the SERPs in the making before you write any content or send any backlinks! It’s as easy as putting up your own version of a ranking parasite page with more content than the original, and aim a few backlinks at it.

And you’ll OUTRANK the current page in a much shorter time frame than you ever could starting with a brand new domain without any authority.

Rank Hijack also brings back results in a fully searchable database which can be filtered by multiple criteria to suit your needs. Ranking FAST and ranking EASY has never been so simple before now!

Rank Hijack works with 3 simple steps

  • Step#1 – Create an account on the same authority domain host
  • Step#2 – Create the same kind of content as on its ranking parasite page
  • Step#3 – See at a glance how many quality backlinks you’ll need to outrank the original parasite page

In addition, you have two option with Rank Hijack

Option 1: Finding Ideas

If you’re just looking for new ideas for niches to target then filtering Rank Hijack by high keyword count and low backlink count can uncover easy to target pages in niches/topics that you wouldn’t have thought of = uncovering golden nuggets

Option 2: Niche Targeting

For a specific niche/topic you can filter by the “Topic” and “Sub-Topic” data columns, and/or pop a keyword in to the field under the “Title” column header, this will filter the results down to all those that include the given keyword in the title of the page.

Specially, when you buy Rank Hijack you also get awesome free bonus from Cindy Donovan and Matt Garrett

SEO Blueprint training manual and videos. Get the same ‘paint-by-numbers’ system they use to rank all of their sites. They’ll cover every aspect of dominating with SEO in these in-depth tutorials. Finally you’ll have the blueprint you need to get server-melting FREE traffic.

Rank & Monetize – This training could be a complete product all on its own. They’re going to uncover exactly how they rank pages and monetize them for FAST profits.

Rank Hijack Review – Conclusion

By relying exclusively on paid traffic you pay a ‘double price’… one in ad costs and the other in conversions! Because paid traffic doesn’t convert nearly as well as search traffic does.

In fact, there is NO traffic which converts better than traffic coming from organic searches.

People using search are actively looking for solutions – solutions they’ll GLADLY pay for! No one logs onto Facebook purposely to buy products (if they do, it’s typically low-ticket impulse buys.)

When you rank at the top of the SERPs for keywords with commercial intent, you almost CAN’T fail to make money and with Rank Hijack, you’ll know ahead of time which keywords can be easily ranked for and also know exactly how many links you’ll need to build to overtake your competitors’ parasite pages

Another benefit to Rank Traffic is you can get important social links from authority sites like Facebook, Reddit, Rebelmouse to your own site’s pages as well. This gives you the important social signals which help your own pages rank.

The price of Rank Hijack starts out at an incredible bargain of $27 on launch day but the price will rise daily during launch.

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