Script Engage 2.0 Review

script engage 2.0 review

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Script Engage 2.0 Review – Overview

ButtonSVendor: Sam Bakker et al

ButtonSName of Product: Script Engage 2.0

ButtonSOffice page:Script Engage 2.0 Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Time: 11:00 EST

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017-Jan-25

ButtonSPrice of Product: $67

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What is Script Engage 2.0?

 Script Engage 2.0 is a software that Automatically Removes All Of The Guesswork… Creating High-Converting Copy For user . Within minutes they will be able to generate a wide range of different full written ‘done for you’ scripts they can immediately use to make more sales in your business.

 Script Engage 2.0 has 1 Front End & 3 OTO >>>See More Details<<<

script engage 2.0 review

Grab Your Copy & Watch Script Engage 2.0 in Action

Whats New In Script Engage 2.0?

  • Over 50+ Professionally Created Scripts
  • New Easy To Use ‘Script’ Editor
  • A Wide Range Of New Niches
  • 5 Pre-Filled Avatars To Edit Or Use
  • And much much more…

Script Engage 2.0 Review – Why should you get it?

Firstly,  With Script Engage 2.0 You Can :

  • Build an entire, top-converting sales funnels in minutes
  • Copy& paste your style to eCommerce promo emails that sell more of your products to more clients
  •  Promote your website and offers with powerful marketing tools PROVEN to convert

Secondly, many ways help you  to turn marketing into money

 Write every piece of marketings copy you need yourself. But many people have no idea how to even start. This “DIY” approach has a lot of challenges .
  • Expect to expend HOURS examining complex and bearing copywriting techniques .
  • A LOT of money& training is required simply to start understanding the basics .
  • It can easily take weeks to months to discover the skills to create your own copy .
  • Most “self-copy” converts poorly because it’s impossible for people to be 100% objective about the products they create .

Hire experts. Most professionals are booked months in advance, so simply acquiring someone for your project is going to take time. Then consider the costs :

  • Quality copywriters charge anywhere from 1K to 5K or more per SINGLE marketings letter .
  • Email writers often charge between $40 -$ 90 PER email .
  • Ad creation is one of the most expensive tasks to outsource .

So for a full funnel project launching, with email sequences and advertising campaign, you could EASILY pay between 5 and 10 K ..

Automate with software. There are existing tools that automate the creation of marketings copy. Here’s what you need to know :

  • Some software create marketings pages, others create video letter scripts, and even others create advertising copy. None of them create them all .
  • Some of these tools are VERY expensive, others are extremely limited, and ALL of them require a LOT of hour and customization on your portion .
  • To create a full marketings funnel utilizing existing software, you’d need one tool for sales page copy, one for email marketing, one for ad creation and one more to create video marketings letter scripts( 4 software’s total )

Thirdly, Awesome Powerful Features Include:

Script Collaboration

This was a huge priority as we often spouse up on various projects. This feature lets you instantly export to Google Docs where you can give various team members editing permissions. Share as MANY scripts as you want, 24/7 … and profit from the power of teamwork .

 Video Sales Letter( VSL) Scripts

usually sold as merely standalone products or upsells, these are INCLUDED with Script Engage. Easily create winning video scripts that skyrocket conversions on any of your campaigns .

 Webinar Scripts

Again , commonly merely determined as upgrades or separate software’s- included with your access today. Leverage the conversion power of webinars with our PROVEN to convert scripts to close more high ticket sales .

 Phone Scripts

we’re including our battle-tested telephone scripts we use to close high terminate clients. You’d expect to pay thousands on private coaching to access custom scripts like these that will help you close dream clients with ease .

 Complete Email Sequences

Top converting emails created by EXPERTS in their battlegrounds. From cold prospecting to webinar sequences, welcome emails and eCommerce sales, you’re covered with the very best email templates available .

 Advertising Copy
Turn FB ads, sponsored tweets and pay-per-click ads into conversion machines with professional ads customized to your products .
Finally, Just trial the software for 30 days. Realize for yourself how easy it is to create ANY type of marketing substance for any campaign you’re running .

Save hundreds to thousands in outsourcing fees, or make at least DOUBLE the cost of the software back with the revenues you earn on your first campaign .

If not, your money back. No questions or fuss .

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script engage 2.0 Review
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Script Engage 2.0 Review


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