Sendiio 2.0 Review & Bonus- The First and ONLY Autoresponder With Power of Email, Text & FB Messenger

sendiio 2.0 review

Hello all my friends, welcome to my article Sendiio 2.0 Review today.

Last year, one of the BEST and most COMPLETE autoresponders opened it’s entrances for the most FIRST time…It’s Sendiio
It made the ENTIRE internet world by hurricane because it does things that NO OTHER AR can do ..
It took the capability of the 3 Most fruitful programmes in the ENTIRE internet world and COMBINED them so you can tap into ALL of them in a question of MINUTES !
Email- SMS Text- FB Messenger

However, over the last year, the team behind this pulpit has been extremely busy doing it even BETTER !
And today, Sendiio is BACK with their Sendiio 2.0 grand opening !
It’s back with:
– New features
– Optimized features
– & completely REVAMPED features.. (over a DOZEN updates to be exact)

If it sounds interesting to you, continue my Sendiio 2.0 Review to find out more! I hope you will happy with my information, huge free bonus and coupon discount on my review. Wish you success with Sendiio.

Sendiio 2.0 Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct NameSendiio 2.0

ButtonSCreator: Joshua Zamora

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ButtonSLaunch Date2020 – 02 – 20 at 11:00 AM EST

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Sendiio 2.0 Review – What is Sendiio 2.0?

Sendiio 2.0 is the 1st and ONLY autoresponder that combinings the supremacy of email commerce, Text Message Marketing and FB Messenger Marketing ALL under ONE, CENTRAL Dashboard- with ZERO Monthly Fees !
Your can now tap into the 3 MOST productive marketing canals in ONE Place! You no longer have to wonder if email is best, text is best or facebook messenger is best .

sendiio 2.0 review

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Sendiio 2.0 Review – Let’s discover detail boast of Sendiio 2.0

These are the main features of Sendiio platform.

FEATURE 1- Create and Send Unlimited Email Campaigns Without EVER Paying A Monthly Fee

Import Unlimited Phone amounts within SECONDS :

Unlike most autoresponders, you’ll likely lose 30-40% of your email index when trying to import to them because they’ll prepare ALL your contacts have to CONFIRM to be on your index ONCE AGAIN- even if they’d been your customer for years.

Create Unlimited Email Lists :

Just as you can import unlimited contacts, you can also create unlimited email indices and assign each inventory of imported emails to their own separate email list. This is extremely powerful if you’re operating in different niches, are building different labels, have different products and services, need to keep your free subscribers segregated from your PAID purchasers or anything in between. With Sendiio you can create as many different email indices as you want.

Create Unlimited Optin Forms to build your schedule even further :

You can quickly and easily procreate unlimited optin organizes which integrate with ALL page builders on the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re using ClickFunnels, LeadPages, OptimizePress, ProfitBuilder, Elegant Themes or ANY other lead-capture sheet make. Exactly start your structure, mimic our HTML or iFrame code and glue it into ANY page you’d like

Create Unlimited Follow-Up Sequence Campaigns :

True passive income from your email roster comes in the form of automated follow-up sequences. With Sendiio you can add as numerous automated sends should be forwarded to your index 100% automatically to generate auctions for you EVERY.SINGLE.DAY without you having to put in ANY work yourself. Formerly your cycle is set up, you can merely focus on feeding your roster and tell Sendiio handle the bringing in the profit for you.

Create Unlimited One-time Broadcasts Campaigns :

Do you prefer to email your register on a day-by-day basis instead of using a follow-up sequence? No question! With Sendiio, you can create an UNLIMITED amount of one-time program email expeditions as well! Use these to send out a speedy advertisement, send out a special promotion, or ANYTHING you’d like!

Connect UNLIMITED Domain names :

Do you run multiple brands and need to send emails from various arenas and/ or labels? With Sendiio we’ve build it unusually easy to connect an UNLIMITED amount of lands to your report that you can send emails from. This allows you to keep everything separate and are present in as numerous fruitful niches as you’d like.

Send UNLIMITED emails without ANY monthly costs by simply connecting to your SMTP :

With Sendiio , you can connect to your C-panel SMTP account in 60 seconds or LESS and send as numerous emails are your hosting allows without EVER compensating any monthly fees. This is the PERFECT strategy if you’re just starting out with structure your email roll and profiting with email marketing. It necessitates ZERO monthly fees and you can grow as your business changes into a paid SMTP provider. We also saunter you through EXACTLY how to set it up AND how to be implemented your province for MAXIMUM deliverability.

FULLY-Flexible Scheduling System For Your Broadcasts :

Want to run your expedition immediately or planned it for the future? No difficulty, we have a fully-flexible scheduling structure that will allow you to schedule your campaigns to be sent out immediately OR planned it for the next day or as far out as you’d like. You’ll be able to schedule an UNLIMITED amount of email programs as well.

Connect to ANY premium SMTP providers in instants :

Ready to graduate from expending your hosting’s SMTP and start using a PREMIUM SMTP account? You can seamlessly integrate Sendiio with ANY of the TOP SMTP providers for even better delivery.

View In-depth Stats For ALL Your Email Campaigns :

See who opened your email, who didn’t open your emails, who clicked on the links in your emails, who didn’t click on the links etc. Plus you’ll be able to see the GEOLOCATION of the subscribers you’re emailing, view what design they’re reading your emails on and a TON of other VITAL information that will help you better understand your readers and MAXIMIZE your profit.

Easily Skyrocket Your PROFIT by RESENDING your email expeditions based on your customers act :

Just like you can SEE all the vital stats we mentioned above, Sendiio allows you to TAKE ACTION on that vital information to easily form more profit. Most email expeditions captivate 30-40% MORE profit by simply re-mailing later in the day to those people who DIDN’T open the email the first time around. Sendiio performs it SUPER easy to Resend your safaruss to captivate more profit.

Complete Step-By-Step Training Tutorials to Set Up Your Sendiio account in lightning speed :

Not merely have we ALREADY developed one of the EASIEST and SIMPLEST autoresponders on the market, we’ve also developed COMPLETE, step-by-step training videos on EXACTLY how to be implemented your chronicle EVEN if you’re not a ” techie ” party like I am. You’ll be able to look over our shoulder as we accompany you through EVERY step of the process to ensure you get MAXIMUM deliverability with Sendiio.

FEATURE 2- Create and Send Unlimited Text Message Campaigns Without EVER Paying A Monthly Fee

Import Unlimited Email Contacts WITHOUT Having to go through a verification process :

Just like your email list, you can immediately importation your phone numbers list and start transmitting verse word campaigns right away. You’ll be able to quickly copy and paste your entire phone numbers list right into Sendiio within SECONDS of logging in.

Create Unlimited Phone Lists :

Just as you can import unlimited phone numbers, you can also create unlimited Telephone number registers and name each roll of imported phone numbers to their own separate phone number list. This is extremely powerful if you’re operating in different niches, are building different symbols, have different products and services, need to keep your free readers segregated from your PAID purchasers or anything in between. With Sendiio you can create as many different email lists as you want.

Create Unlimited Optin Forms to build your Phone Numbers directory even further :

Just like with your email optin structures, you can also quickly and easily cause unlimited optin species for your TEXT message expeditions as well, which also integrate with ALL page builders on the market. Just copy our HTML form or iFrame code and you’re good to go!

Create Unlimited Follow-Up Sequence Campaigns :

Just like with email follow-up cycles, we also built-in the ability to set up unlimited textbook letter follow-up cycles as well. With Sendiio you can add as numerous automated contents should be forwarded to your phone rolls 100% automatically to generate sales for you EVERY.SINGLE.DAY without you having to put in ANY work yourself. Formerly your cycle is substantiated, you are able to just focus on feeding your index and make Sendiio handle the bringing in the profit for you.

Create Unlimited One-time Broadcasts Campaigns :

Need to get a quick text message blast out to your register? Use the one-time broadcasts piece to send out as many one-time broadcasts expeditions as you’d like. Use these to send out a immediate advertisement, send out a special promotion, or ANYTHING you’d like!

Send UNLIMITED textbooks without ANY monthly fees by simply connecting to your Twilio account :

We’ve integrated Sendiio with one of the TOP platforms for delivering your textbook expeditions immediately to your readers portable design. Plus, with their resilient, pay-as-you-go pricing, you Merely pay per text that is sent, so there’s NEVER a monthly fee. So you can get results immediately and generate a MASSIVE ROI on top of encompas your expenses.

Full Click Stats on Your Text Campaigns :

You’ll be able to see in-depth click stats to know how many clicks your safaruss are generating, who clicked on your connects, who didn’t click and build important benefit decisions based on that!

Complete Step-By-Step Training Tutorials to Set Up Your Text Message Campaigns in lightning speed :

We’ve developed in partnership tutorial videos for EVERY part of Sendiio including the set up of your textbook sense campaigns. We walk you through every step of the process. No stone is left unturned.

FEATURE 3- Create and Send Unlimited Text Message Campaigns Without EVER Paying A Monthly Fee

Easily Connect UNLIMITED Fan Pages in A Matter of Seconds :

Literally, within seconds you can have ALL your devotee pages added to Sendiio. All you have to do is follow our 3-step process and you can start creating expeditions immediately.

Capture UNLIMITED Facebook Messenger Subscribers :
From the moment that users engage with your Fan pages, Sendiio automatically contributes them as a messenger subscriber that you can immediately start referring contents to.

Easily Create UNLIMITED Follow Up Facebook Messenger String :

Not merely will you be able to automatically captivate messenger subscribers, you’ll be able to immediately kept them through an automated follow up sequence for hands-free advantage. You’ll is the possibility of automatically lent affections to your follow up sequences as well such as clickable ties, videos, audio documents, personas etc.

Easily Create Unlimited One-Time Messenger Broadcast Messages :

Need to send out a speedy word? Promo? Or update to your messenger customers? Use our broadcasting boast to send out as many one-time words to your subscribers as you’d like- in a matter of MINUTES!

Set up an automated Welcome Message For EVERY New Messenger Subscriber :

On top of being able to trigger a follow-up cycle to every new subscriber, you can also trigger an immediate greeting letter to be sent to ALL your new readers. This helps to engage your customers right path before your cycle starts if you’d like.

Set up Unlimited ” Keyword-Based ” Chatbot Replies :

On top of automated follow up sequences AND the ability to send one-off meanings, you likewise get the ability to set up an UNLIMITED amount of automated “keyword-based” chatbot replies as well. This means that you can set up AUTOMATIC replies to ANYONE who meanings your fanpage if they mention a specific keyword( or position of keywords) in their send. How powerful is that? This allows Sendiio to be closing sales for you 24/7 if someone senses your fanpage to investigated by your products or services!

Complete Step-By-Step Training Tutorials to Set Up ALL Your FB Messenger Campaigns :

We’ve put together tutorial videos for EVERY part of the Facebook Messenger process. We step you through every step of the process. No stone is left unturned.

In the account Sendiio 2.0, you get more perfect feature

Tagging Automation On Steroid

Tag ANY and all your subscribers at MULTIPLE times of gain once they join your index. Tag them at the point of joining, label them throughout your follow-up seqeuence, label them based on the actions they take on your broadcast senses, automatically be withdrawn from one tag when they get added to another and so much more. This allows you to keep your finger on the pulsing of EVERY single subscriber that attaches your list.

NEW Agency-Grouping Feature

This is a REALLY powerful one that I have not received ANY other autoresponder have. We have created the first and exclusively autoresponder that allows you to create UNIQUE Groups for EACH of your consumers, so you are able to profitably AND safely form campaigns on THEIR behalf WHILE keeping ALL of their contacts and safaruss Separately! Plus to make it even BETTER, you can give them SUB-ACCESS to their UNIQUE Group ONLY so they very can deem or generate expeditions themselves

NEW and Improved Stats System For Campaigns

We have COMPLETELY modernized our entire stats reporting page to give you a MUCH better idea of what’s going on with your campaigns As I mentioned above, we all know that keeping your paw on the pulsing of your readers allows you to make better decisions with your campaigns and adjust for profitability. With this new update, we hope to have started that better for you AND allow you to get a more VISUAL picture of your safarus stats.

2-Way Text Messaging

We all know how strong text content marketing can be, right? However, many of our useds solicited the ability to RECEIVE the replies that their subscribers are sending since many times, you’ll need more than one interaction to make a sale with verses. This powerful feature allows you to instantly receive the REPLIES from your SMS expeditions immediately into your Sendiio account.

SMS Text Bot-Replies

We also took the above feature even FURTHER and allowed you to create automatic bot replies to ANYONE that replies to your verse themes. Yup, Sendiio will now automatically reply back FOR YOU based on ANY keyword automation that you set up. Talk about awesome, right?

Auto-Link Swapper Feature

How many times have you seen a marketer send you ANOTHER email because they ACCIDENTALLY emailed out a BROKEN link or the WRONG link? Or maybe it’s happened to you as well. It’s one of the most difficult mistakes we are capable of fix, right? We manufacture 100% of our income from the LINKS we send in our emails. Send out the incorrect one or a terminate one and ALL that traffic is DEAD! Well, with our Auto-Link swapper aspect “weve had” solved this issue forever. Within SECONDS, you can CHANGE the link of your emails to go ANYWHERE you’d like. Instantly fix a breach/ bad tie-up or simply redirect the issue of trafficking to a BETTER converting page to increase your profit! Genius, right? Yea, we are all familiar with haha

Simple Importing from ANY File Type

Simple importing, NOT many autoresponders offer that nowadays, right? Most of the” big sons” offset you mount through 100 different bands before allowing you to import your inventory. And many times even AFTER you jump-start through ALL those hoops, your importation folder gets Rebuffed! Well, with our new Simple Importing System, you can export your list from just about ANY autoresponder and generating it Immediately into Sendiio AS-IS and import it within SECONDS!

Double Optin+ Custom Confirmation Emails

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance. As regulations change, we want to make sure we grant our useds to stay compliant with the laws in their country. Many of our consumers sought the ability to have double-optin for this very reason. Not simply did we supplement double-optin, but we also added possibilities for our customers to fully-customize their evidence emails, so they can add even more compliance verbiage where needed.


We have TOTALLY rewrote our email copy editor to allow our consumers to make as BEAUTIFUL of emails as they’d like or to keep them as clean and simple as they’d like. Our editor is a complete WYSIWYG editor as well, which most people are used to. This prepares it simple for anyone to put together an email to send out within minutes.

And many many more !!

PLUS Sendiio is ALSO integrated With some AMAZING pulpits like Convertri, KickPages, MailEngageXFX FunnelsEverZippyDocStudio, SociSend, Genius Lander to oblige your listing build process even EASIER!


Senddio 2.0 Review – The option you have

FE : Sendiio Agency >>> See More Details <<<

Gives your full access to use the Email, Text and FB Messenger automation and list building features. PLUS we’ve decided to throw in AGENCY access on the FE, so you can offer these 3 services to your clients as well.

OTO1:  Sendiio Academy >>> See More Details <<<

In this training I’m going to show your how to build your first 1,000 subscribers in the next 14 days or less. I’m going to share with you 10 different FREE traffic strategies that you can start using TODAY to generate as much traffic as you’d like and start building your list.

OTO2 : Sendiio Elite  >>> See More Details <<<

Allows your to bypass the SMTP set up process and send emails using our powerful servers of SEASONED IP Addresses.

OTO3:  Sendiio VA License  >>> See More Details <<<

Give access to your VA to run campaigns for you and NEVER compromise your contacts. They’ll be able to send campaigns for you, but NEVER get access to ANY of your leads.

OTO4 : Sendiio Booster  >>> See More Details <<<

One of the most powerful things when it comes to List marketing, is to send to your unopens. One of the unique things about Sendiio is the ability to send to your UNOPENS automatically when setting up your campaigns.

OTO5:  Sendiio + EmailRamp  >>> See More Details <<<

This is Neil Napier’s EmailRamp platform that comes preloaded with 999+ high-converting, pre-written emails that customers can copy+paste into Sendiio to generate profit without writing a single word themselves. It has 9 different niches AND 7 different styles of emails from Story-tellers, Emotional emails, re-engagement and much much more

Sendiio 2.0 Review – Conclusion

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