Split Test Monkey Review & Bonus

Split Test Monkey Review

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The fact is, if you are like a lot of marketers, you might probably think split testing is a hassle. And maybe you do it, but not as much as you should. Split testing is known to be cumbersome and confusing, and not many people are gaining a lot of benefits from it. However, I am telling you that the software introduced in this Split Test Monkey Review is going to be a game changer.

This software is the best marketing tool that you to make all your testing faster, easier and better than ever before. With this tool, there is nothing to download, no learning curve to be suffered, no complicated calculation to conduct; you will hit the ground running and knowing that you are achieving higher converting rate than ever.

Split Test Monkey Review –Overview

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What is Split Test Monkey ?

Split Test Monkey is a cloud-based software that optimizes the conversion using split URL and Dynamic Element testing. It is built to be affordable and extensive in top class value and powerful features, The best part is, Split Test Monkey is a tool for everyone. Now with Split Test Monkey, testing and optimizing sales pages, landing pages, blogs and other key web properties cannot be any easier.

Split Test Monkey Review

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What are the great features of Split Test Monkey?

 Boosting conversion

With Split Test Monkey, every aspect of your online business is covered. Whether you need a conversion boost on your landing page, opt0in page, webinar registration page, contest page or sales page, Split Test Monkey remains as an ideal way to do it. Once you activate this comprehensive tool, you should be ready to enjoy all sorts of incredible benefits.

 Create your mailing list easily and quickly

Stop worrying about the frustrating process of manual mail list building or the shutdown of the mail list creating software, Split Test Monkey is a perfect tool to complete and update your mail list. It gives you the full control over both the present and potential subscriptions.

 Get more people to open your emails, read them and click on the links

Split Test Monkey exposes your business to a greater number of clients. As your emails become more interactive to the targeted customers, your business has more opportunities to boost leads, traffic, and sales on both your frontend and backend products. My Split Test Monkey Review ranked the software as 100% Recommend mostly because of this feature.

 Create a bigger list of proven customers

Since your business is massively exposed to the targeted customers, the brand online image and reputation will be positively reinforced. With Split Test Monkey, you probably extend the list of your proven customers, making them high-quality leads and ambassadors for your business.

Split Test Monkey Review – How does it work?

First Step : Create split URL

Second Step : Optimize the conversion (with 3 modes: Auto Optimizer, Optimizer Race, and Manual Mode)

Third Step : Sit back and enjoy the conversion (Is it even a step?)

To have a more in-depth look at its operation, watch its demo video here.

Split Test Monkey Review – Price and How to buy it?

Split Test Monkey is being priced at the front-end $37. Inside the package, you are guaranteed that all the functionality is unlocked.

  • Unlimited Split Tests
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Zero Monthly Fees
  • Set & Forget testing
  • Built-in Reporting
  • VIP Level Support

Split Test Monkey Review – Why should you buy it?

 100% cloud-based

Split Test Monkey is a web-based software that is compatible with all browsers and all platform. You now have the ability to boost your conversion and earn big every time everywhere. All you have to do is simply log into your dashboard to quickly and easily set up your split tests.


As mentioned in my Split Test Monkey Review, there is no learning curve. You do not even need to know anything about statistics or any technical knowledge. Split Test Monkey will handle all the tracking and number crunching for you. Also, the Auto Optimizer features will handle all the calculations needed, which makes split testing faster and easier than ever.

 Everything covered

Split Test Monkey does everything you will ever need to boost your conversion. It is backed by its creators, who are actually earning big using it. It doubled the landing page conversion rate, add 200 subscribers to the list every week, made about $500 sales revenue in one day, and increase 311% in sidebar banner clicks.

 High and fast ROI

Its proven-to-work concept ensures the outcome that every single user will obtain. Using Split Test Monkey is always an ideal way to create a clear-cut and feasible path for your business development. Once you activate the software, you can see the result shown in multiplied ROI from advertising and marketing within a week at maximum.

Split Test Monkey Review – Conclusion

As it is impossible for my Split Test Monkey Review to display all of its impressive features, I am strongly urging you to visit its sales page to have a more in-depth look at the software. Watch its intro and demo video to know exactly how it will facilitate your business to earn you big. Be an early bird for its launch because Split Test Monkey is giving out huge bonuses for the fast action takers

Split Test Monkey Review

split test monkey review


Split test monkey review




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