TubeSync Review

TubeSync Review

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TubeSync Review – Overview

ButtonSVendor: Abhi Dwivedi

ButtonSName of Product: TubeSync

ButtonSOffice page: TubeSync Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Time: 11:00 EST

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017-Jan-30

ButtonSPrice of Product: $47 – $67

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What is TubeSync?

TubeSync is an automated YouTube video backup software and offers an impressive and powerful backup solution which is 100% secure! Your data is hosted on your own servers and accessible to you from any part of the planet at any time! All you need are your login details.

Moreover, TubeSync grabs your videos from YouTube automatically and keeps a backup ready for whenever you need it! Not only does TubeSync stay in constant touch with your YouTube channels, it also fetches live stats from YouTube. Every ‘like’, every ‘comment’ and ‘share’ is updated in real time for you to learn the popularity trends of your videos. That way, you can see which videos are popular and what topics are trending which helps you target better.

TubeSync Review

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TubeSync Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, With TubeSync, You can : Backup & Restore Your YouTube Videos, Channel Info, Data & Stats, In Just a Few Simple Steps..

Step1 : Log into your dashboard

Step2: Choose what you want to back up, and where

Step3: TubeSync automatically backs up your videos, channel settings, data, captions, tags, titles and descriptions, direct to your chosen cloud account (and can even backup new videos you upload to YouTube, automatically.)

Step4: Restore your videos – or your entire channel data – to a new channel, at the push of a button (and instantly save hours or even days of backbreaking work.)

TubeSync Demo

Secondly, TubeSync has exciting features:

Cloud-based syncing:

Store your videos safely and privately on your S3 or Dropbox accounts .

Save everything :

Backup your videos, names, description, captions, stats and even your channel settings , nothing is lost !

Set and forget:

TubeSync automatically backs up to 100 of your channel’s videos .

Local backup:

Download and store videos locally, perfect for editing .

Rapid restore:

Promptly restore all your videos, channel settings, captions, names, descriptions and tags to a new YouTube channel in seconds

Massive protection:

Store and restore up to 100 videos per channel, including your channel settings and video data, automatically …

…And much more .

Thirdly,With TubeSync, you can:

  • Backup 100 Videos Per YouTube Channel:

Now secure up to 100 videos on every YouTube channel owned by you or your patron. Once a channel is synced with TubeSync, it automatically archives any new videos you may add thereafter. No more sleepless nights over losing any videos due to false complaints .

  •  Restore Videos Back To Your YouTube Channel

No need to panic if YouTube blocks your videos or you accidently delete your videos. Just with a click of a button, you are able to restore all your videos back from TubeSync to your YouTube channel .

  • Share Videos With Any Other YouTube Channel

You can now transfer videos easily from one YouTube channel to another. Now share your videos faster by transferring them between channels with a mouse-click .

  • Backup Titles, Descriptions, Captions, Likes etc.

Losing a video is a big loss. But an even bigger loss is when you lose all your stats. The customers, likes, captions and titles. TubeSync updates these stats in real period. TubeSync takes a backup of not only your videos, but everything connected to them as well .

  •  Bulk-Download Your Videos

Access TubeSync on-the-go by merely logging in from anywhere in the world. With one click, you can download all your videos individually or in a majority to any laptop, pen drive, hard disk etc .

  •  Sync It With Your S3, Dropbox, Google Drive Or OneDrive
With merely got a couple of clicks, TubeSync connects to your S3, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive account. Now all your videos along with the corresponding data is secure in your own preferred storage platform
  •  Manage Your Files
Now upload all your files and data on Data Manage and access the contents on your computer from anywhere in the world from any laptop or mobile machine. All you need is an internet connection and you are good to go .
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TubeSync Review
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TubeSync Review
TubeSync Review


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