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Welcome to my Viral Review!

Are you selling mobiles? Which tool are you using?

I used to sell cellphones on Amazon and Alibaba, but it was a failure.

Customers were always skeptical about the quality of my products and it was hard to convince them. Besides, I did not know how to make my store look more attractive to my customers. It seemed that every store on Amazon and Alibaba looks the same so that mine could not stand out among them.

I think the reason I failed was that I was not good at working with commercial sites and they are not appropriate to sell mobiles as well. Therefore, I had to look for another more efficient channel to sell my products, but it was not easy to find.

When I was frustrated and did not know what to do next, my brother discovered my circumstance and gave me Viral He said that his friend was selling iPhones on this tool and he’s making thousands of dollars. I was extremely excited to hear that so I tried using it. And the result was beyond my expectations.

Therefore, if you are having the same trouble that I used to have, read my following Viral Review to find a solution for yourself.

Viral Review – Overview

ButtonSVendor: Anwesh Rath

ButtonSName of Product: Viral

ButtonSOffice page: Viral Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Time: 11:00 EDT

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2016 – 09 – 29

ButtonSPrice of Product: $27

What is Viral

It is a viral platform for mobile marketing by using messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber. I wish I had known about it earlier so that I would not have wasted so much time.

viral review

Grab Your Copy & Watch Viral  Demo

What are the great features of Viral

You can find some of the most terrific features that I’m going to mention in this Viral Review.

The first one is you can create as many promotion campaigns for your mobiles as you want, using either two models: Max Engagement Mode or Max Traffic Mode. And you can also edit, delete them quickly with this product. Furthermore, if you have difficulties creating your campaign, you can clone other ones and add some unique features of yours. How wonderful!

Then, when you have done with your campaign, you can share your product to plenty mobile messengers app, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Twitter. This is a complete new method of promoting, and I can assure that it is very effective because those apps have high rates of opening according to market research. And with an explosion of mobile nowadays, people tend to hold their cellphones more than laptops, so that your products can get to your clients easier than ever.

Besides, you can also discover and manage your sales by looking at specific analytics from this software. It will give you the information of the number of people you have reached and how many products you have sold. So you will have a strategic and reasonable plan for your mobiles.

How does it work?

Using it is not complicated at all, and I will show you in my Viral Review.

First, let’s make a new campaign by choosing “ Create Campaign.” Two models will be appearing, Max Traffic Mode and Max Engagement Mode, which I mentioned above. Choose whichever you like.

Then, fill in any blanks your see, such as header text, size, button text to make your campaign look more attractive to clients. Finally, just choose which types of messengers you want and send the promotion that you have just created.

These are easy, aren’t they? It only takes me less than five minutes to finish all the steps so that you can do it immediately. After you have done, you can find your old campaigns by clicking “My campaign” on your left column and start seeing your sales results.

Prices and how to buy it?

Purchasing this product is easy, and you have to spend only 27 dollars. It is even easier for you if you have a Visa, Paypal, or Master Card. Let’s get into its sales page and click BUY NOW.

Why should you buy it?

I have never expected that I would earn so much money from selling mobiles like that before having this product. I raised my revenue from 500 to 5000 dollars per month, which were ten more times. What an astonishing result! And you can earn even more than me if you take your chance to buy Viral right now.

Besides, it uses a method of promotion that very few people use: messengers. Because not many people are using this niche, there is less competition, and you can take full advantage of promoting your products.

To me, I earned too much comparing to 27 dollars of investing. Therefore, if you desire to make much more money from selling mobiles, this software is a perfect option. So let’s click BUY NOW right away!

Lastly, thank you for reading my Viral Review and I hope you will achieve all your goals.


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