Webinar Master Review

Webinar Master Review

We often think of webinar as a platform for meetings, training course, or discussion. Recently, marketers and businesses have been using webinar as a marketing and sales channel. There is a lot of space in this new platform for you to set up and grow your business. Webinar has its features that distinguish it from other platforms. Webinar Master is a training course on webinar marketing and sales that helps you to succeed in this new channel. Check out my Webinar Master Review for more information.

Webinar Master Review – Overview

ButtonSVendor: Craig Richards & Radu Hahaianu

ButtonSName of Product: Webinar Master

ButtonSOffice page: Webinar Master Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Time: 11:00 EST

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017-Jan-05

ButtonSPrice of Product: $17

ButtonSBonus Page: Huge Bonus

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What is Webinar Master?

Webinar Master is a training course on webinar marketing. The course will equip you with knowledge and skills of how to succeed on this new high-converting platform. You can start from zero because Webinar Master will guide you step by step from the beginning. You will learn about how to create a product, a presentation on that product, how to sell it, and all other technical things on holding a webinar session.

More details are available in next sections of this Webinar Master Review.

Webinar Master Review

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About the creators

Craig Richards is a successful internet marketer. He has more than 30 years of experience helping individuals, small and medium size businesses. He has lectured in various courses on internet marketing.

Radu Hahaianu has created multiple internet marketing tools that support marketers in their work. He also has the experience in webinar marketing and sales.

What are The Great Features of Webinar Master?

Learn to create product and presentation for a webinar

During the course, you will learn how to create a high-ticket product that brings money to you. This includes design a perfect presentation that works. You will be able to provide your audiences with products and presentation that make them buy.

Learn to get traffic and run a webinar

Next step you will learn everything on how to set up and run a webinar session. But first, you will have lessons and tips on how to attract people to sign up and join your webinar. Webinar Master also teach you how to present and get your product sold.

Technical aspects + 24/7 premium support

If you haven’t set up a video webinar session, you will easily get scared of the idea to do it yourself. Luckily, you do not have to. The course covers all technical-related aspects. You just simply follow the instructions to have your webinar set like a pro. They also provide 24/7 premium support where you can ask any question about the course and webinar.

 Prices and How to Buy it

Front-end version of Webinar Master is available for $16.93.

In my Webinar Master Review, I would like to introduce some bonuses to you. When you buy Webinar Master, you will also receive 5 bonuses below:

WP Shield – making download links on WordPress expire automatically to stop thieves from stealing e-books or software.

Beat the Hackers Guide – learn how to protect your website from being hacked

Minisite Design Graphic – Learn how to maximize affiliate earnings from the likes of Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank.

Outsourcing Cheat Sheet – Learn about earning by outsourcing.

Essential Guide to Affiliate Profits – All you need to know about making money as an affiliate

Why Should You Buy It?

Run webinar without a product

The course will teach you how to run a webinar, make money and ear massive profit with any product. That sounds unreal but when you get to know the strategy and tip, you may change your mind.

Require no experience and technical knowledge

Even one without any experience on webinar can learn the course. Webinar Master will start everything from zero so newbie can still make something amazing after the course.


I think Webinar is useful and time-saving for people who are interested in webinar marketing and sales like me. Start with an emerging platform is scary but when I get equipped, things get easier (or maybe I get more confident). So, if you are looking for another option to make money online, Webinar Master may be a door for you.

webinar master review


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