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wp coursify review

Welcome to my WP Coursify Review!

Have you ever think about creating a course then launch it to Udemy to sell?

In the past two years, when I was a university student, I did that. It was the first connection between Udemy and me. In fact, what I uploaded in Udemy was not an actual course. It was my graduation thesis that my team including my friends and me created on the last days in the university.

Nowadays, many people still take advantages of Udemy. However, many sites having this function have been introduced, and they work great.

Today I want to invite you to a new tool which can help you to create your own version of Udemy. It called WP Coursify. For further information, please check out my WP Coursify Review.

WP Coursify Review – Overview

ButtonSVendor: Ankur Shukla

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What is WP Coursify?

WP Coursify is a brand new WordPress plugin that allows you create a complete education portal selling online courses just like Udemy, Udacity, Coursera or lynda.com. These sites make thousands of dollars each and every day. Some of them are even valued at over hundred million dollars because they sell online education that a lot of people want.

Now with WP Coursify, you can do exactly that and create your own version of Udemy. You will sell any kind of courses to unlimited students with unlimited content and keep all the profits to yourself. Is that impressive, continue my WP Coursify Review.

wp coursify review

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What are the Features of WP Coursify?

Front End – Basic Version

  • You can create up to 100 educational courses online and offline.
  • You can sell these courses to an unlimited number of students.
  • You just need about 5 minutes to create a complete course without having to paste any code.
  • Course content can be videos, PDFs, images and text.
  • WP Coursify has a smart, powerful and user-friendly course creator.
  • WP Coursify doesn’t restrict the number of chapters and modules in each course.
  • WP Coursify provides you the revenue and income reports for all the sales.
  • WP Coursify approves online and offline payments.

OTO 1 – PRO Version

This version inherits all the features from the basic one. I just list advanced and fresh features.

  • You can create an unlimited number of educational course online and offline.
  • You can add as many instructors and sellers as you want.
  • You can produce a self-growing site and crowd-sourced courses.
  • You can create quizzes in each course.
  • You can track the progress of your students.
  • You can add grades in quizzes as well as courses.
  • You can create certifications for your students when they win the competition.
  • You can add discount codes and coupons for each course.
  • WP Coursify approves online payments include Paypal, PayMill, Stripe, and Authorize.net.
  • You need to pay instructors a small portion of your sales for their courses.

WP Coursify Review – How does It Work?

Step 1: Import the Content

There are two different ways that you can create a course. But I just want to tell you the quickest way. That is using the Quick Course Maker.

What the Quick Course Maker does is to let you take the URL of the videos (From YouTube or Vimeo) of any page. Then it will automatically import all of them into your course and create an entire module for you.

Step 2: Add Extra Modules or Course

You can do the same for any number of modules and any number of course as you want. You just need to add a new module and then import a new source of content. They will be instantly imported into your course within seconds.

Step 3: Publish

Finally, attract a figured image and publish your course.

WP Coursify Review – Why should You Buy It?

Online shops like Udemy has become more and more popular. They make thousands of dollars every day by creating and selling online courses. It’s the time WP Coursify come and solve the problem. Now you can create your own course without limitation and commission.

Besides, when you buy WP Coursify after reading my WP Coursify Review, you will get a bunch of bonuses. They are Auto Backup WordPress, Link Keeper Plugin, Wp Legal Pages Plugin, Free Traffic System – Advanced and more.

WP Coursify Review – Conclusion

WP Coursify helps you sell any course as you want and set up an evergreen passive income business. The tool makes it super simple and fast in just five minutes to launch an online education business, publish them online, and accept payments.

I’m going to end my WP Coursify Review right now. But before, I recommend you to buy this tool. It will not make you disappointed.

WP Coursify Review

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